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There are basic but important requirements when considering how to get your Tips From Import Export License Consultantsimport export business license. Without a detailed understanding of export licensing and import and export control laws, companies leave themselves exposed to crippling fines and even criminal exposure.  

When executing a licensing agreement, new importers and exporters are easily overwhelmed by the vast number of requirements and confusing sources of information. At Watson & Associates, each import export license consultant  helps to reduce the stress and confusion. We offer:

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Watson & Associates, LLC, with law offices in Washington DC and in Denver, Colorado helps companies to meet the statutory legal requirements and provide tips for import export business license applications. As ITAR consultants, we then serve as the immediate one-stop resource for the consulting and compliance needs of our clients.

International & Nationwide Import and Export Services

Watson & Associates can provide import export license consulting services to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Our import export license Consultants help business owners with:

  • import and export procedure,
  • import license help
  • export compliance manual
  • import and export license application,
  • drafting and licensing agreement help
  • complying with and meeting import export license requirements
  • import export code selections,
  • import export data compliance
  • jurisdiction requirements,
  • developing internal policies, checklists and controls,
  • export control compliance and more.

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ITARS and International Trade

Export and Import Licensing agreements, Import Export License Application Requirements. How to Get Import Export Business License – Procedure

 You first must apply for your company identification number or CIN. When it comes to import export data codes, the CIN is treated like your social security number. For the import and export license application, the Department of Commerce (DOC) uses your CIN to monitor all of your exportation business and international trade activities.

Other tips for import export business licensing agreement requirements include getting generally acquainted with the regulations for the Department of Commerce’s export controls.

Many international trade business owners prefer to use import export consultants and lawyers because of the high risk of hefty fines and penalties. There are certain export restrictions that many companies may not be fully aware of. An example of a restriction would be nuclear weapons.

Applying for your import and export license. When considering how to get your import export business license, keep in mind that there some consumer goods with no particular technological sophistication can be exported without a export or import license. Knowing the regulatory guidelines and proper exception codes can save your time and money by knowing whether your service or product requires an export license.

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Import Export Business License Consultants — How to Get Your Licence With Minimal Risk

Knowing the ins and outs of how to get import export licenses and applying the right code can be confusing. Your company must get an import license from each country to which you will be exporting to. US export control attorneys can coordinate with attorneys in the destination country and validate that you are meeting the destination country requirements. At Watson & Associates, LLC our import export consultants help you with your US import export business license application.

 Avoid costly mistakes by getting the proper import export business license:  You should get a clear understanding of the import and export procedure for licenses required for the types of goods you plan on importing. Instead, having an import export consultant or lawyer can help you to navigate through the various nuances of selecting import export codes and import export data with the specific agency that has the jurisdiction over the specific goods that you import.

Export Control Compliance – Does your shipment require an import and export license?

As part of your export control compliance strategies, one of the first things to make sure you have in place as an exporter is getting your Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and import export code. ECCN entries are found on the Commerce Control List (CCL) and identify reasons for control which indicate export licensing requirements to certain destinations. Knowing who is the end user or intended third party receiver is also critical to making this determination.

Does import export code EAR99 mean that you need to get export licensing?

EAR99 items are generally considered to be “NLR” or “No License Required”. However, if you are sending EAR99 items to an embargoed country, to an end-user of concern or in support of a prohibited end-use, you may have to obtain a license. These are all issues that an experienced import export license consultant or lawyer at Watson & Associates LLC can help you with.

Getting the proper consulting or legal advice is always important when you engage in the import export business. At Watson & Associates, LLC the goal of our import export consultants our goal is to help our clients avoid some of the most costly legal mistakes. We minimize potential fines and problems by performing meticulous research in order to provide the best advice to our clients.

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