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ITAR Training Courses & ITAR Compliance training courses and classesExport control laws and ITAR compliance initiatives are changing every day. The ITAR compliance process begins with knowing how the system works and getting the required training classes.

Without them, companies can find themselves subject to stiff fines and penalties.

Watson & Associates, LLC ITAR compliance training professionals are also lawyers that understand the process and the legal issues can that arise.

Watson focuses on providing you with an ITAR compliance training solution that is convenient and informative. We are continuously investigating the recent developments in the import-export industry and provide training to clients (in person, remote and online).

2018 ITAR Compliance Training

The power of getting top level staff trained in export control

Government investigators can come to wrong conclusions if your company is subjected to a government investigation or audit. Having existing employees or management staff attend ITAR compliance training refresher classes and seminars can be extremely beneficial when defending the company against criminal violations or fines.

The current government oversight continues to subject export companies to more rigorous audits and penalties. Don’t wait until its too late. Sign up for your ITAR EAR training today.

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ITAR Training Courses at Your Site or In Person

Help With Export Administration Regulations and ITAR Compliance LawsGiven the changing world conditions and government mandates, ITAR training courses have become a must for companies in the export and import business.

Given the demands of operating your business, we understand the burden that traveling can make. Therefore, we tailor our ITAR training program to meet your needs.

  • Onsite ITAR training courses for companies with several employees (call us to coordinate)
  • Online ITAR compliance training events

ITAR Compliance Training for Government Contractors

When companies do business with the federal government, there are set rules that must be complied with. Failure to demonstrate compliance can prove fatal to a government contractor’s future.

Watson & Associates provides professionals experience in federal government procurement and how ITAR compliance training can mitigate adverse situations.

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