Import Export Consultants ITAR Compliance Manual & ITAR Compliance ChecklistExport Compliance Consultants Helping Companies Nationwide and Overseas Avoid Penalties Because They Don’t Have Export Compliance Manuals, Guides and ITAR Compliance Manual. Prompt Turnaround. 

  • Help to minimize the impact of civil and criminal penalties
  • Develop and revamp your old ITAR compliance checklist, policies and controls
  • Become proactive and not react to fatal emergencies
  • Develop and internal audit checklist to stay in compliance

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The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security has a substantial amount of regulations that import export companies must sift through to make sure that they are ITAR compliant.

Many companies that are investigations or criminally charged by the federal government make honest mistakes but could have received a more favorable result if that had drafted and complied with their  ITAR compliance manual.

By having a viable import export compliance manual, internal audit checklist and ITAR Compliance Checklist, you can save valuable resources and avoid penalties due to lack of ITAR requirements.

Export compliance consulting remedies: Many companies make huge mistakes by reading through the vast amount of regulations and trying piece together an export compliance manual that may not meet the basic guidelines. These are areas where we can help.

Prompt Turnaround for Export Compliance Manuals & ITAR Compliance Checklist

At Watson & Associates, LLC our ITAR consultants and export compliance lawyers can develop an ITAR Compliance Guide that adopts the basic requirements of the ITAR regulations, includes an ITAR compliance manual that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations.

Watson’s ITAR lawyers and export compliance consultants frequently provided detailed and concise import export guidance to government contractors and commercial business exporting commodities and services controlled for export under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

We help you to develop an effective export compliance manual and ITAR compliance manual that:

  • Provides resourceful guidance for your operation program
  • Comply with ITAR requirements
  • Manage the corporation’s export decisions
  • Serves both as an ITAR checklist and internal audit checklist
  • Commerce Control List assistance
  • Highlight the entities export control policies and procedures and import export transactions.

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For companies that are already ITAR certified, revamping your existing export compliance manual and ITAR manual can be more effective if there are changes to relevant regulations. If you are newly certified to the import export industry then drafting a new ITAR compliance checklist will provide a proactive approach that minimizes risks and exposure to fines and while still protecting your bottom line. We can also provide your company with tailored EAR ITAR training solutions.

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ITAR consultants and import export control lawyers and EAR certification consultants:  Wayne White     Wojciech Kornacki

Besides drafting your ITAR compliance manual, our lawyers and export compliance consultants help with a variety of other document requirements such as:

  • Drafting Voluntary Disclosures and Voluntary Self-Disclosures
  • Compliance Programs tailored for small, medium or large Companies
  • Registration with the Department of State & Department of Commerce
  • Comprehensive Internal audit checklist
  • Commodity Jurisdiction (CJs) and Commodity Classification Determinations (CCATS) including Export Control Reform (ECR) analysis

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