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Companies in the import export controls business can avoid costly legal mistakes when applying for or designating their Export Control Classification Number ( ECCN EAR99 ECCN or export commodity control number to their products and handling customs clearance and customs tariffs code for their goods.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our ITAR lawyers and consultants frequently work with CEOs and key management executives to make sure that the company’s ongoing operations flow smoothly with minimal risks when it comes to standard shipping requirements, transfer pricing solution, and customs clearance. Whether the company is a federal contractor or commercial operation, we can help. See our main page for list of services.

Knowing when an ECCN 99 Code is required or find the appropriate harmonized tariff code is the starting point for every business. Knowing whether US ECCN Number EAR99 is applicable to your particular service or products is yet another mistake that companies make. We are here to help.

Many items regulated by BIS are referred to as “dual-use” because they may have both military and commercial or nuclear proliferation applications. Many products are subject to the EAR but are not listed on the CCL.  Those products are classified as ECCN EAR 99. They will not require an export license unless they are being shipped to an embargoed country, an end-user of concern (i.e., someone on the Denied Person’s List), or for a prohibited end-use.

ECCN EAR99 Definition – What Does EAR  99 Stand For?

What does eccn ear99 export control mean? EAR99 ECCN is defined as an export classification for an item.  The numbers shows that certain product / services is regulated by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR Classification). However, the definition does not mean that it may not be an ECCN  on the Commerce Control List (CCL). Companies should be aware that the shipment authorization for the item may change.

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Avoid costly mistakes: The smallest mistake with ECCN 99 codes can save your company upwards to $250,000 or even two times the amount of the EECN 99 transaction with customs clearance compliance. At Watson & Associates, LLC our export controls lawyers and consultants help your import export business to avoid such costly mistakes, develop internal policies and controls, better establish your export documentation requirements and avoid making mistakes with an import and export customs harmonized tariff codes or to work with federal agencies to negotiate adverse actions when there is a violation of the US ECCN export control regulations. Get important tips on how to get your import export license.

Export Control Classification Number EAR99 – What is an ECCN Number Codes?

Your Export Control Classification Number is a designated five-character code that is found on the ECCN number is a 5-character alphanumeric code found on the Commerce Control List (CCL) and Commerce Control List (ccl) (supplement no. 1 to part 774 of the ear). The export control ECCN list categorizes the items you export based on the item’s nature and certain respective technical parameters.

Who regulates Standard shipping requirement of US imports and exports codes?

When it comes to customs clearance and standard shipping requirements, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), a subsection of the Department of Commerce provides The CCL List. The agency also enforces Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Commerce Control List  vs ECCN EAR 99 Classification List

If your exported item falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce but it is not listed on the CCL list, then it falls under the parameters of your ECCN EAR99 number.  Most commercial export products fall under EAR 99 classification. Although an export license is not required to EAR 99 export listed items, you want to be extremely careful to avoid the mistake of sending the product to a banned country.

Although an export license is not required to ECCN EAR99 export control listed items, you want to be extremely careful to avoid the mistake of sending the product to a party of concern, or in support of a prohibited end-use, or to an embargoed or sanctioned country.

Watson & Associates LLC export control consultants and ITARS lawyers can help with these concerns.

Common Harmonized US Tariff Codes Questions

How do you find the proper classification of your product?

The US Tariff Codes Schedule names some products and can be found by searching for the name. However, companies should be aware that finding a name of a product does not guarantee a correct classification for US harmonized codes.

Where can you find export control and trade statistics and what companies are importing?

Trade data based on US export tariff codes categories are found here.

Do all countries use the same HS tariff classification number system?

Almost all countries use the US tariff classification number systems based on the international Harmonized System (HS). HTS codes are defined to the six-digit level, so foreign tariff schedules will be identical with the HTS up the six-digit level but might differ at finer levels of detail.

The trade activities of individual companies are treated as company confidential and are not published by the Government.

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